Leandro D. Sardi

Software Engineer - Serial Entrepreneur - Growth Hacker

I started my journey in 2012 when I funded SpreadYouVoice.com, which provided services to 350+ clients, from 9+ different countries. That first venture has been moved to InvitePeopleToJoin.com, and now it's part of the Expanded Venture's pool of products. In 2015, after a long time of R+D, I was finally capable to offer many new services regarding web data scraping, information appending, email servers, proxies, b2b leads generation.

My Journey

Social Selling Machine

Buenos Aires
comming soon

I have released a very powerful framework where you can:

  • Meet new leads every single day,
  • Email them, call them, and finally...
  • Set appointments with them.

With our service you will be able to:

  • Get instant access to 500,000+ B2B contacts,
  • Segment them with 6 different filters, and
  • Start a conversation via email or phone call.

The cost is very low, and we can guarantee you a number of positive responses every month.


Buenos Aires
Business Developer
2016 - Today

The FreeLeadsData.com program is a B2B Leads database, with emails & phone numbers. My goal is to expand this service to 40,000 users by Nov'2018.


Buenos Aires
Business Developer
2015 - 2016

The InvitePeopleToJoin.com is a program to drive members to LinkedIn groups. It has been funded in 2012 as SpreadYourVoice.com. This new version of the service provides new features like

  • Performance Metrics & Optimization.
  • Contact information of the Group Members.
  • Email Marketing to Group Members.
My work in this company has done, since all its daily operations are automated or outsourced. However, I'm planning to get back in 2018 to develop the new Facebook groups feature.

Expanded Venture

Buenos Aires
Founder & CEO
2015 - Today

I took my first company SpreadYourVoice, which only mission was to grow LinkedIn Groups, and I expanded its whole vision to many other services like: Traffic Generation, Leads Generation, Email Marketing, CRM, Social Dashboard, Social Automation, and more. The goal of Expanded Venture is to be a holding of other Internet companies, generate synergy between them, and scale them worldwide.


Buenos Aires
Founder & CEO
2012 - 2015

This is the first endeavor from which I learned how to build, grow and outsource a large company. It took me 2 years of hard work to get it working in auto-pilot. That experience was a tremedous value for me. The original website SpreadYourVoice.com has been moved to InvitePeopleToJoin.com, and it's part of the pool of Expanded Venture's services

My Stats


Clients Worldwide

For the last 5 years
I'm proud to say that we have provided services to clients from United States, Canada, United Kindom, France, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Sweden and Brazil.

Happy Customers

From our early begining
I never launch a service if I'm not sure that all the machine is well oiled, and the strategy work. I never take the risk to disappoint a client. The reason is pretty simple: I priorize relationships.

Leads Generated

From all our marketing services
Yep! I like to scale my services and make them huge.
I like to think big and undertake ambitious projects.




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LinkedIn Group Building


B2B Leads Databases

Social Selling Machine

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Freedom Emails

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Internal Dashboards

Get in Touch

If you want to have a meeting, click the "Chat with us!" button in this website. If no agent is available, you can set an appointment here. You can also contact me via Skype.

I can help with the following:

  • Hot Leads Generation
  • Online Communities
  • B2B Leads Databases

Drop me a line at leandro.sardi@expandedventure.com.